Rough Week

It has been a rough week for me. I have a lot of medical issues going on & prayers are apprecriated during this time of pain and grieving.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to keep pushing on. I have to regardless- I have to support my family. I thought about canceling my outdoor market this Saturday, but I have alot riding on this weekend & it won’t help anything to postpone it.

I already feel like a walking pharmacy, but today I add a cardiologist to the list. They won’t give me my heart test results- just sent me to this Dr, so I have no idea what is going on with that part yet.

Today, my Lindenwald shop will be mostly ran by staff, & then tomorrow I will be open inside as usual, & OUTSIDE for extended hours. I have several strollers, toddler beds, mattresses, & other big stuff. Also, lots more clothing than usual. (ALL SIZES! preemie through adult 6x!)
Sunday, we will be open atleast inside as usual.

4020 Pleasant Ave, Hamilton, OH 45015


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