My Cardio Dr. Update

Well, I basically failed my EKG. The right side of my heart isn’t working properly, but they won’t know why til I get a bunch more tests. All will be done on the same day, but I have to drive way up north to have it all done. The soonest I can fit it in around my boys’ appts, is over a week from now.

My iron is dangerously low, my vitamin D is basically nonexistant (& I take vitamins!), my other blood work is all messed up. HCG levels have dropped to negative-but with all this life threatening news going on, and as hard as it is to say, it is for the best right now.

So as usual, we just keep on keeping on. I am trying to not push myself as hard, & Jason has helped with that. It is hard to get used to, but atleast I know Im not totally alone.
(Jason is a widowed father of 5 girls, with his own business, so his schedule is just as crazy. I have never been on anyone’s priority list, so as odd as it sounds, I’m struggling with being being important to someone other than my kids.)

Anyway, TOMORROW IS OUR BIG SALES DAY! We will set up both inside AND OUTSIDE. I will have an employee probably running my outside booth.
I have already taken a bunch of stuff over to my inside shop, & it is pretty packed. More clothes, shoes, purses, diaper bags, strollers, toddler beds, etc!

We are making big signs that my boys will stand & hold on the sidewalk, & I have smaller signs for our outside booth area.



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