The Big Switch

Today I am pulling summer item boxes down from the 3rd floor & taking winter boxes up from the 1st floor. This is a lot of work. I have about 17 more boxes that need to come down, 6 boxes 1/2 way up, & about 10 more boxes on 1st floor that have to go all the way up.  I tried using a dolly-but it’s taller than I am & I still have to pull that full weight up each step. I have little upper body strength-so this all really sucks.

Once I get everything moved, I have to unpack it, hang it up, tag it, & sort it all by size. Then, repack it, load it in my van, haul it the to shop, unpack it, & hang it on the racks. At that point, every item should be steamed to remove wrinkles.

When I can get a store front, all seasons will be stored on site, & I can work on a little at a time vs the way I have to make it work now due to lack of space. The postive is,  all the new incoming winter clothing got packed and taken to 3rd floor as it came in, & obviously most of the stuff in my shop sold, so there wasn’t as much winter out to deal with.

The end goal: summer items in EVERY size in shop by Friday morning!


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