Busy as Usual

I have my Lindenwald shop as packed as possible, including clothing in ALL sizes. I haven’t had much time at my Hamilton studio this week, as I’ve been doing a whole lot away from home while the boys are gone. I plan to get back to that later today.

I have my newst pattern- an XXL diaper- ready. I need to get some finished and out for testing asap. I already have at least 3-4 people waiting for it. Also, I still have 2 very large wholesale orders to finish as well as making more stock for my own shop.

I am still accepting donations of just about anything in good condition. And crunching #s, shopping for our next location, etc.

Of course there is always the full time job of our household too. With everything going on, I haven’t been able to volunteer as much, which has me feeling pretty guilty too. If I don’t volunteer, I risk losing my bulk buyer rights-also will be a serious hit.

Well- that’s all I have- I need to get back to work as I’ve gotten 3 more customer messages during the time it has taken to write this.


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