Hanging Clothing

There are ALOT of ways to set up clothing on racks for a shop. None of them crossed my mind until I had to do it.
Ex: do I continue with a seperate boys area & girls area for all sizes? But then Gender neutral stuff must go in 1 or other.
Or maybe a “Infants” section where each rack is a SIZE, then just hung girl, gn, boy together on same rod?
BIG stores like Walmart have an ‘infant’ section, then boys, girls, mens, womens.
Other resale shops sort boys/girls & just put gender neutral in one or the other. That is how I started.
Now I’m leaning toward a new angle.
Then of course there are onesies, PJ seperates, a whole lot of brand new bras&panties, swim wear, etc. Swimwear is currently hung with clothing. Most onesies are folded.

Folded clothing means customers are constantly tearing through them, leaving them unfolded, knocked on the floor, mixing sizes, etc-which requires constant resorting& refolding, etc.

So, if you have followed me long, you know my motto *there has GOT to be a better way*… & that is what I will find. 😉


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