Hunting & Gathering

Well, I looked at several more store fronts since my last post… none of which were *right*… I have this vision in my head of what my shop will look like, & so far there is nothing close. When I find it, I envision angels and rainbows floating down around us… šŸ˜‰

I don’t want to move somewhere SMALL, that I will just outgrow as quickly as my other places. I need at least 1200sq ft as of now. Also, I am leaning toward consigning for other small business/cottage industry families like my own, which will take more space. It also HAS to have room for a play area for young children while their parents shop- that alone will be a hunk of space. I already have a large train table & trains for it.
I can SEE my location- like a vision from God. And when I find the space, I’ll know I’m ready.

But, so far nothing in Hamilton or Fairfield…

As for today, I have been cutting & sewing like crazy- only stopped to go pick up a van load of donations & dinner for the kids. Actually, to the point I’m REALLY dehydrated- shriveled eyes and skin, chest pains and all- so now I have ‘grounded’ myself a bit and am forcing myself to drink water (YUCK), a few ounces at a time, every so often.

It’s 10:30pm here, the boys are asleep, & I’m still sewing. Time to get back to work!


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