Good News

#1: Christopher is finally starting to feel better & adjust to the HEARING WORLD!! He says he’s amazed at how LOUD everything is-the biggest change being chior. He has almost had to leave the room during practices each day ‘because of how loud everyone is.’ He says when everyone was singing loudly before, he could hear them, but it was like what a whisper is now. I have had to give him pain medicine every day since his surgery, because of throat pain from the breathing tube and headaches. But he is a trooper, and doing great.

#2: My studio is looking great- Less like a back stock room and more like a store again.

#3: I got another WHOLESALE offer!! I just need to get enough stock made. It is a good hour away from here, so I’ll need to have enough stock to last a month at a time to keep deliveries down.
**If you know a potential retailer for our products, please shàre my info.** 🙂

#4: I need to finally get this PHOTO SHOOT done!! (Also requires a whole lot of product to be made & ready!) As soon as I can get enough product in stock, I gota get models, etc together ASAP. I am hoping I can get the photographer to come here to my studio vs get everyone out to theirs. I also have 2 more patterns I’m working on that I prefer to have done by then: an XXL diaper (50-??lbs) & a bigger trainer.

#5: More thought on my own store front. Seems to be the right direction. Absolutely no clue how I will afford it & no locations have jumped out yet. Everything seems so small.  I am eligible for a very low rate business loan through our city, but I do NOT like owing money… mainly the risk involved.
NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS. Anything donated that we can’t use will be passed on to where I volunteer.

#6: Jason has taken 2 1/2days off from his own company, & been rocking & rolling here. I have new clothing racks in my studio (clothing sizes Preemie-4t on them already for now) & new cabinets for storage up around the house, new outlets, & a lot more.
He is a firearms safety instructor & his next class is Saturday, so I think he has been trying to fly through as much help as possible before he will be MIA for a full day. He has had some really good ideas- like moving my sewing/cutting/processing to the 1,000sq ft of unused house in the back once it is remodeled-giving me more shop space up here in the front. Each one I flat out say NO WAY to at 1st, but then it all starts making sense. 😉 (There is 1,000- 2,000sq ft of house we don’t use back there- 2 full size apts.) And he and the contractor are also planning to finish at least 1/3 of my 1,000sq ft basement that I also barely use. That is 3,000sq ft of unused space NOT counting my current studio space up here on the 1st floor, or our living space on the 2nd & 3rd floors. Honestly, we are not really using the 3rd floor much yet either. Jason’s daughters are helping my younger boys collect & move all their toys, books, etc up there to their playroom & he wants to put in fire escapes etc, so they can be up there more often. (& I’ll be less nervous about it.)

Most of the above means moving my sewing room! I have already outgrown the space here. At least the cutting area. It is slowing down my production because I just don’t have the room to lay out large rolls of fabric in there & I need bigger cutting tables. My studio/shop space here is 420sq ft, & my fabric room & sewing room are another 120 or so sq ft each. So, somehow I need to move my cutting tables into the studio area. (& how I know I need absolutely no less than 600sq ft of retail store front space.)

Well. I’m off to do morning prep, get kids off to school, & head over to the warehouse. We only have about *8* hours of Dr/therapy appts this week, which almost feels like a vacation. Gota use the extra time wisely.  😉


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