Christopher’s Ears. Part 2

Well yesterday was consumed with the roller coaster ride that is the fight for Christopher’s ears.(13yrs old)  We made the drive our area’s main Children’s hospital about an hour away to see his  newest specialist.  He has lost a great deal of his hearing in both ears, and just finished steriods to try to help the left ear. 

He will need both his inner ears surgically cleaned out, tubes put in again, & his aniods removed.

The hope is that this all may restore his hearing. He has never had a history of ear infections or anything that warrants all this, just strictly the hearing loss. The steriods did not help his hearing levels at all.

So we have 2 phsyicals, & another surgery within the next month.  And when this is over, they want to take another look at Andrew- who may have the same inner ear defect.

Today will be consumed Thomas’s big school meeting with board.

Everyday there is something big. And I of course I still have all the inner workings of a house with 4 children & a business to run.  Customers getting upset because there packages are taking to long to arrive during our snow storms here. Or that their custom order took a week to get shipped. Etc. 2 weeks of broken plumbing. Mountains of laundry to wash & HANG up to dry. Meals to cook. $550 utility bills. Homework x3. Dozens of other Dr & therapy appts. A crazy stalker.  The list is endless.
But I’m doing all I can & that is all I can do.  Just keep wading through the mud toward the rainbow at the end of this storm. I know each step is bringing me closer…


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