Headed Up.

We have working plumbing again! Yay! 

Things have got to start getting better.  I have high hopes for 2014. And a lot of work to do. THIS is the year to get some major work completed on my house. Now I know who I will hire for all my plumbing. 

Tomorrow is my 13yr old’s ENT Dr appt to find out about his surgery. I am taking off work, of course, & taking him because that is what real parents do.

I’m waiting to hear back about when I can get a meeting for Thomas about his school issues. No matter what time they call with, I will take off work again & be there.

I am a great parent. My children will always come 1st. And I am awesome with ALL kids- not just mine. Children (&animals) flock to me like a magnet.  Stunned parents stand amazed when their anti-social child runs up and hugs me. I have been told I have a God given gift. 

It is time *I* claim this & STOP doubting myself- & no longer allow the low lifes who have ever caused me to doubt myself at anytime in my life have any control. I am not responsible for other’s failures. I’m back.  I WILL succeed. And I WILL win. Watch out- This mama bear has her claws back… ♡♥♡


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