Burst Pipes & High Bills

Well. All our pipes froze; by the time I got everything thawed, I had something burst. I could have sworn I had the water shut off to our second bathroom that we don’t use/isn’t finished yet. But somehow they broke in/under there… Luckily most of the water went into the basement & didn’t hit anything. Also, it’s accessible from the basement.  The downside is that I had to shut the water off at the main.

Today, I’m hoping to get someone out to look at it & praying it’s an easy/cheap fix. I didn’t look too close yesterday- the BIG hope is that it is after a shut off to just that bathroom so all I have to do is flip a valve to get water back to everywhere else.  This is day 2 without a shower or coffee! And either way, the kids are at school & will be at their father’s place tonight for dinner & baths and home closer to bedtime- so at least that is taken care of.

I also have ALL the heat on. Trying to save $$ on utilities by not heating everything only leads to more head aches. I can’t do anything except have faith that $$ to pay it will come from somewhere. Just like the pipes today.

And of course that is only a very small speck in my plate. Also today I am stuck making calls to figure out my credit card that got hacked in December and THEN the new card vanished on its way to me. It is my job to spend (an hr & counting) time calling everywhere to figure it all out & meanwhile my emergency credit card is nonexistant– so can’t use that for the plumbing etc.

Also, I am dealing with a school mess for Thomas, & a huge obstacle course with our health issurance. And NONE of this brings $$$ in/gets orders done etc.


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