Just another day…

I got the kids all off to school, fed the 7 animals, & then worked on some online orders.

Then I took a ‘break’ to do a bunch of laundry, put plastic & a blanket over the laundry room window, & curtains over the laundry room doorways- to hopefully hold in some heat in this negative degree cold.

It’s up to 12 degrees not counting wind chill here.  In order to sew, I’m in there with my heavy ski coat on. (I keep the heat off in as many rooms the kids aren’t in as possible to save $$.)  I’m definitely ready for spring & really need sunshine.

I know another breakthrough is due soon!!

I really need to vacuum my room & sweep & mop the laundry room… & everything else. And of course finish orders. Ugh. So much needs done-all a priority. I have new stock in my van that I need to bring in to my studio & sort, hang, & tag it all. & I also have a friend holding kitchen cabinets& blankets for me that I need to pick up ASAP.  I need more of me.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer til our next break. I know it’s coming…

For now, it’s back to work!

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