Get up & start getting kids up. Its -9 with a windchill of -24. There’s still school so I have to clean off & warm up the van & get Thomas & Andrew up & ready early to get Christopher to school. He is being a teenager- pouting/whining/complaining the whole time. Not even a hint of gratitude. What happened in just these 12 short days of being 13?? He has already totally changed.  And I have so much on my mind.

Waiting in the van at bus stops. Too cold to stand there waiting.  Hurry, hurry! Jump out & run to bus!

8:50am:  OH NO! Andrew’s bday cupcakes got left in the van! I cant go right now, or I’ll get stuck in drop off traffic for an hour… :-/
And Im waiting for 9am to go file a police report on the person making FAKE facebook accounts to attack me, leave 1 star reviews, & bash me & my business for absolutely no legitimate  reason. This person has made a MINIMUM of 4 accounts over the past 4mths just to attack me and is NOT a cusy Now I have cupcakes to deliver.

9am- 2pm:
Cupcakes dropped off. New Info on stalker turned over to police. PO Box cancelled. Stopped & got gas in the van. Other important calls made.  & in office printing documents & postag e, as well as updating ads etc, while I’m already in this side of town… Hmmm. Realized I still haven’t  had 5 minutes to breathe since I woke up- no time for coffee, food, nothing. (typical)

230-4:20pm: time to get back home for kids& food…

4:15pm- 6pm: homework. & more phone calls. apparently Ive missed some near life/death phone calls– my #$$#@@ cheap budget phone never rang & recorded NO voicemails. 😦  Its slowing URGENT things down & we can’t afford that.  To top it off, I tested really high on 2 Asperger/Autism tests… apparently higher than others who claim they’ve been diagnosed since childhood. I have to look into formal testing at some point… you know, with all that extra time when I’m spending time just trying survive daily life…

6pm-7pm: Drop kids off at church. Feel guilty I didn’t get diapers done & shipped today… 😦   I am having chest pains now. Started during one of those *urgent* phone calls & hasn’t let up. Ive been FREEZING/shivering & unable to get warm since yesterday- maybe I pulled a muscle or something. I haven’t felt well for weeks. Sitting here with 2 heaters & rolled in blankets, freezing. Weather changes REALLY effect me. It’s supposed to be well  below freezing (not typical here) til the Saturday AFTER next.  The boys seem to be doing fine- Christopher is even complaining that he actually wants to walk to school.  Regardless, I’m moving the boys to my room & adding a 2nd heater. I want to make sure they are warm enough.

8-9pm: Picked up boys from church & ready for bed. More 13yr old attitude from Christopher.

& Then Andrew (8) climbed up in my lap and said: “Mom, I feel really really really really good when I’m with you.”   And all the day’s problems suddenly just disappeared… ♥


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