Cincinnati Art Musuem

After church, I took the boys to the art musuem yesterday. It’s Andrew’s birthday(my little artist), so I thought it’d be a fun surprise.

We made it about 2 hours- about typical time they can handle for anywhere- and it went well.  One important lesdon of raising these guys has been to NEVER stay longer than their threshold. I’ve learned exactly what ‘overstimulated’ looks like and can see it in other children as well now.  And for mine, it’s up to 2 hours.

When we got home, they were all so tired that they layed down for naps. I know it took a lot out of them to all behave, stay calm, & look not touch, and I’m proud of them for that. Especially having 2 that are ‘seekers.’ Thomas took his blanket & his fidget necklace, which seemed to help him a lot.

They have a mummy, complete with blood stains on the wrap, and an xray of the body inside-which seemed to be the boys’ favorite. The mummy is well over 2,000 years old & it was crazy to think that we were looking at an actual human who died before Jesus was born. 

The Cincinnati Art Musuem is free, with $4 parking, so it totaled $1/person- a cheap day trip. The place is very big, and we didn’t get through most of it in our time frame. We were followed around a lot by security. I assume, they saw 3 boys and expected trouble. And its those who use ‘special needs’ as an excuse to NOT train & dicipline their children that feed the steriotypes that anger me so. If they want to follow us, fine- they’ll see how well behaved my kids are on my watch and maybe see through the steriotypes.





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