Well, $$$ is super tight & I still have a lot of winter clothes, so I’m having a sale this weekend at my new shop.

50/50 sale
Buy $50 in winter stuff, get 50% off!
Must get $50 in winter items to get the 50% off.

Ive posted all over Facebook so hoping word spreads & I get a lot of sales.


Christopher turned 13 last week, & all I could afford to get him was a wallet. Andrew turns 8 on Monday & his gifts total $6. Thomas turns 10 in a couple weeks.

I went all out with big parties etc for Michael’s big birthdays & it feels really bad to not be able to do the same for my other 3 now. & Michael never showed an ounce of gratitude for any of it- he was always the type that demanded more- nothing was ever enough.  It makes it more frustrating. But keeping us warm & fed is a higher priority- I know they understand, but it still upsets them.


2 thoughts on “BIG SALE THIS WEEKEND!

  1. Why don’t you have the boys an “Un-Birthday” party in the summer? I’m sure they are ok with whatever you got them. They love you.

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