Is it Spring Yet?

Well I’ve been really sick & now Christopher has picked up my never-ending cough, and Thomas was up all night with a stomach virus.

Is it Spring yet???

Ready to see the SUN and colors again!!

Meanwhile, I am now supposed to be in the warehouse twice/week instead of just once, & my shop booth is now open Fri-Sun, so my schedule is becoming more demanding. 
I was able to get a lot done in my studio yesterday, though you can barely notice a dent. I’m staying home with Thomas today, but may be able to get down & get some sewing caught up while here.

And trying not to get excited before it actually happy happens, but I *may* get the front of my house repaired and painted in April.  I asked a fellow business owner/ painter for a quote, & he pointed out that it would be cheaper to start with just the front for ‘curb appeal’ since my neighbor’s homes are so close to mine and also my aluminum siding  is all in good condition, so its also cheaper to keep it and just paint it for now.  I think that seems very honest & haven’t met too many people who would have brought up those cost effective ideas. (Though honestly waiting for some catch.)  The job still includes sealing&repairing the box gutters, & replacing the ‘crown molding’ looking pieces along the bottom of the gutters, as well as scraping off old flaking paint & then painting it all with whatever 3 colors I choose and get approved through our historic neighborhood board.

The prominade is in MAY( huge neighborhood event that only happens every other year)  , so the front/outside & my 1st floor is supposed to be DONE & turned back into a shop by then. I, of course, still need $500 for my laundry room too, & all this on top of crazy high utility bills that are currently running 1/2 of my entirely monthly income. So, we are already toeing that red line- no clue where the $$$ will come from. (Or time for that matter.)

I’m trying to just focus on the fact that ALL our bills have been covered EVERY month since I signed on this house- God has just put the right opportunities in place at the right times. Though admittedly, this is as close to that red line we have been to date- need a whole lot of $$$ in a short period of time, during a time when $$$ is even tighter than usual. All I can do is just keep going…



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