The RF temp is -21 here– NOT NORMAL here & hasnt been this cold in decades…
Giant house= huddled up in 1 room trying to stay warm. 8 heaters running non-stop in places needed for survival: 2 in kitchen for dogs& pipes, 2 in my bedroom for the boys & myself and all 4 cats & rabbit…. 1 in basement to keep our pipes thawed, & 1 in my studio(not doing much but staying above freezing), 1 in laundry room, & 1 in bathroom(its like a sauna in there)…all other rooms are closed up.

I have pvc plastic, curtains, & sheets over the windows. After talking to others, we are not alone- many others are having similiar problems. And Im happy to report, I did get our pipes thawed, they did not burst, & they have not refroze since adding the basement heater.

I am VERY nervous about our next utility bill but nothing can really be done about it. Worst case, I’ll set up a payment plan or something- Im sure I won’t be in the minority.

GOOD NEWS: Because my 1st month went so well, we will now be open FRIDAYS too!! Fri-Sat-Sun, 9a-5p. 🙂


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