Plan A 1/2

I got the pipes thawed, & I came up with a plan for another layer of protection over the windows. Its currently up to 31degrees- hasnt been above freezing in days.  The wind chill is in the negatives.

They froze my credit card because supposedly my ‘account has been compromised’, now I have to wait for them to send me a new card, so I have to make due with the supplies we have.  Those supplies include a hammer, some nails, & a few extra flat sheets. I’m going to do some hunting to see what else I can find.

I have desks coming today in about an hour, so I need to find a place for them for now too.

Our walmart has thick PVC for about $1/yd, so thats also on the list. I hv 26 windows left but each window that gets covered helps.

Time to get back to work!!


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