2013- there was quite a bit bad- seemed to equal out the good.

Thomas was hospitalized again.

We have went through 5 school changes. I had to watch my child get mistreated by school staff,  yet still send him to school because it’s the law, & try to stay patient while things are handled through proper channels.

Discrimination was a constant battle.

My oldest decided to fill the ‘prodical son’ role, and has completely went off the deep end somewhere.

I bought this house in April, we moved in June, & so far it has met our most basic needs. Still a whole lot of major work to be done- just need to find money.

Any attempts of ‘dating’ was a disaster. I will NOT settle. My life is rough, but I’m educated, have morals, & hold myself to a higher standard than the ‘world’ has become. I refuse to settle for scum because of steriotypes.

My business did a lot of moving & changing. 1st, I ended all other work & focused on my boutique full time. I added clothing, I opened my studio for in person sales in July & when that didn’t go well(juggling appts around kids & constant bashing- even death threats, frm complete strangers), I moved it to the new location inside Pleasant Treasures in December. My new version of the business ended negative. (Which is normal for new businesses.) And there really are no other options–as my kids get older, their needs take up more time, instead of less with a ‘typical’ child, & more and more is demanded of me.

I put in much more volunteer time- every Friday+ extra days when possible. This is VERY important, & not just ‘for fun’, as 2013 brought up a purchase order with their warehouse to buy clothing for my business, and the opportunity to get left over bread etc to feed my family. I bought 98% of all I sell, out of my own pocket.  I’m also in a ‘supervisor’ type role, with several depending on me every week. (I may need this on my resume some day.)

Running my business mostly through my phone (including FB & blog posts etc) means texting, & its destroying my thumbs…

2014 Business Goals:

#1: Put more personal hours in at new shop.
         This means giving up the every other weekend that my kids are gone– usually spent digging out my house & catching up with other work obligations– & spending the entire time AT my new shop, handling my own sales, passing out flyers, & not being able to multi-task like I can at home. (No idea when I’ll make up the time.) I plan to take photos of items in the shop, and post seperate items for sale on buy/sell sites& my Facebook page while I am there too. All of this will take major time away from producing my own product lines, & take away from my actual website- but its a gamble I must take. I HAVE to get more customers in the shop, & that means more advertising.

#2: MORE Advertising.
          I have some follow ups regarding some pretty BIG advertising- if their boards approve it, my business info will be given out to every new mother in the area. So far, the places I’ve heard back from denied it, but still trying to think positive.

#3: Get Studio Done By MAY!
       May brings a BIG event to our historic neighborhood! The prominade. My studio has to be fully remodeled & ready before then, for potential customers, sales, advertising! Currently, my studio here looks like a stock room-stuff everywhere- everything needs sorted, hung, priced, etc etc. Also, there is peeling wallpaper to be removed, walls to be patched, 1,000 sq ft of painting to be done, floors to be sanded and finished & so much more!  & all must be done within 4mths, while also handling everything else on my overflowing plate & I have no idea how I can afford it… God has to have some kind of plan though…

I still need $500 for a kitchen drain & to put the electric & plumbing in for the washer & dryer in the laundry room.  (Needed for personal AND business, so I’m sneaking on this list too.)

Overall, ALL these goals needs to be completely within the *1st* 1/2 of the year…

…Time to go get started!!


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