Christophers Ears…

Christopher failed his hearing test & today I took him in for what I thought was just a Dr consult about hearing aids. But it turned into much more.

Its mainly his left ear- the tube never came out &palops grew around it. Dr is did kind of like a minor surgery & packed  his ear drum with gel foam & then he will be on steriods til I take him to the Main Hospital (an hr away) in 2 weeks. Until then he is 100% deaf in his left ear & already has poor hearing in his right.

Then at that next appt, I will find out what type of surgery he will need- depending in how his ear heals before then.


Burst Pipes & High Bills

Well. All our pipes froze; by the time I got everything thawed, I had something burst. I could have sworn I had the water shut off to our second bathroom that we don’t use/isn’t finished yet. But somehow they broke in/under there… Luckily most of the water went into the basement & didn’t hit anything. Also, it’s accessible from the basement.  The downside is that I had to shut the water off at the main.

Today, I’m hoping to get someone out to look at it & praying it’s an easy/cheap fix. I didn’t look too close yesterday- the BIG hope is that it is after a shut off to just that bathroom so all I have to do is flip a valve to get water back to everywhere else.  This is day 2 without a shower or coffee! And either way, the kids are at school & will be at their father’s place tonight for dinner & baths and home closer to bedtime- so at least that is taken care of.

I also have ALL the heat on. Trying to save $$ on utilities by not heating everything only leads to more head aches. I can’t do anything except have faith that $$ to pay it will come from somewhere. Just like the pipes today.

And of course that is only a very small speck in my plate. Also today I am stuck making calls to figure out my credit card that got hacked in December and THEN the new card vanished on its way to me. It is my job to spend (an hr & counting) time calling everywhere to figure it all out & meanwhile my emergency credit card is nonexistant– so can’t use that for the plumbing etc.

Also, I am dealing with a school mess for Thomas, & a huge obstacle course with our health issurance. And NONE of this brings $$$ in/gets orders done etc.

Just another day…

I got the kids all off to school, fed the 7 animals, & then worked on some online orders.

Then I took a ‘break’ to do a bunch of laundry, put plastic & a blanket over the laundry room window, & curtains over the laundry room doorways- to hopefully hold in some heat in this negative degree cold.

It’s up to 12 degrees not counting wind chill here.  In order to sew, I’m in there with my heavy ski coat on. (I keep the heat off in as many rooms the kids aren’t in as possible to save $$.)  I’m definitely ready for spring & really need sunshine.

I know another breakthrough is due soon!!

I really need to vacuum my room & sweep & mop the laundry room… & everything else. And of course finish orders. Ugh. So much needs done-all a priority. I have new stock in my van that I need to bring in to my studio & sort, hang, & tag it all. & I also have a friend holding kitchen cabinets& blankets for me that I need to pick up ASAP.  I need more of me.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer til our next break. I know it’s coming…

For now, it’s back to work!


Get up & start getting kids up. Its -9 with a windchill of -24. There’s still school so I have to clean off & warm up the van & get Thomas & Andrew up & ready early to get Christopher to school. He is being a teenager- pouting/whining/complaining the whole time. Not even a hint of gratitude. What happened in just these 12 short days of being 13?? He has already totally changed.  And I have so much on my mind.

Waiting in the van at bus stops. Too cold to stand there waiting.  Hurry, hurry! Jump out & run to bus!

8:50am:  OH NO! Andrew’s bday cupcakes got left in the van! I cant go right now, or I’ll get stuck in drop off traffic for an hour… :-/
And Im waiting for 9am to go file a police report on the person making FAKE facebook accounts to attack me, leave 1 star reviews, & bash me & my business for absolutely no legitimate  reason. This person has made a MINIMUM of 4 accounts over the past 4mths just to attack me and is NOT a cusy Now I have cupcakes to deliver.

9am- 2pm:
Cupcakes dropped off. New Info on stalker turned over to police. PO Box cancelled. Stopped & got gas in the van. Other important calls made.  & in office printing documents & postag e, as well as updating ads etc, while I’m already in this side of town… Hmmm. Realized I still haven’t  had 5 minutes to breathe since I woke up- no time for coffee, food, nothing. (typical)

230-4:20pm: time to get back home for kids& food…

4:15pm- 6pm: homework. & more phone calls. apparently Ive missed some near life/death phone calls– my #$$#@@ cheap budget phone never rang & recorded NO voicemails. 😦  Its slowing URGENT things down & we can’t afford that.  To top it off, I tested really high on 2 Asperger/Autism tests… apparently higher than others who claim they’ve been diagnosed since childhood. I have to look into formal testing at some point… you know, with all that extra time when I’m spending time just trying survive daily life…

6pm-7pm: Drop kids off at church. Feel guilty I didn’t get diapers done & shipped today… 😦   I am having chest pains now. Started during one of those *urgent* phone calls & hasn’t let up. Ive been FREEZING/shivering & unable to get warm since yesterday- maybe I pulled a muscle or something. I haven’t felt well for weeks. Sitting here with 2 heaters & rolled in blankets, freezing. Weather changes REALLY effect me. It’s supposed to be well  below freezing (not typical here) til the Saturday AFTER next.  The boys seem to be doing fine- Christopher is even complaining that he actually wants to walk to school.  Regardless, I’m moving the boys to my room & adding a 2nd heater. I want to make sure they are warm enough.

8-9pm: Picked up boys from church & ready for bed. More 13yr old attitude from Christopher.

& Then Andrew (8) climbed up in my lap and said: “Mom, I feel really really really really good when I’m with you.”   And all the day’s problems suddenly just disappeared… ♥


Its Andrew’s 8th birthday today & this afternoon I got a letter stating he qualified for gifted ed!!!

Qualified in math & close in reading. 

He is my 2nd child to qualify. Michael did also(math&science), but his special needs got in the way from him being/staying in the program.

All 4 of my boys have high IQs, but their needs have a history of getting in the way. Of the 4, Andrew has the best odds of bring successful, as he is the most ‘typical.’

Cincinnati Art Musuem

After church, I took the boys to the art musuem yesterday. It’s Andrew’s birthday(my little artist), so I thought it’d be a fun surprise.

We made it about 2 hours- about typical time they can handle for anywhere- and it went well.  One important lesdon of raising these guys has been to NEVER stay longer than their threshold. I’ve learned exactly what ‘overstimulated’ looks like and can see it in other children as well now.  And for mine, it’s up to 2 hours.

When we got home, they were all so tired that they layed down for naps. I know it took a lot out of them to all behave, stay calm, & look not touch, and I’m proud of them for that. Especially having 2 that are ‘seekers.’ Thomas took his blanket & his fidget necklace, which seemed to help him a lot.

They have a mummy, complete with blood stains on the wrap, and an xray of the body inside-which seemed to be the boys’ favorite. The mummy is well over 2,000 years old & it was crazy to think that we were looking at an actual human who died before Jesus was born. 

The Cincinnati Art Musuem is free, with $4 parking, so it totaled $1/person- a cheap day trip. The place is very big, and we didn’t get through most of it in our time frame. We were followed around a lot by security. I assume, they saw 3 boys and expected trouble. And its those who use ‘special needs’ as an excuse to NOT train & dicipline their children that feed the steriotypes that anger me so. If they want to follow us, fine- they’ll see how well behaved my kids are on my watch and maybe see through the steriotypes.





Well, $$$ is super tight & I still have a lot of winter clothes, so I’m having a sale this weekend at my new shop.

50/50 sale
Buy $50 in winter stuff, get 50% off!
Must get $50 in winter items to get the 50% off.

Ive posted all over Facebook so hoping word spreads & I get a lot of sales.


Christopher turned 13 last week, & all I could afford to get him was a wallet. Andrew turns 8 on Monday & his gifts total $6. Thomas turns 10 in a couple weeks.

I went all out with big parties etc for Michael’s big birthdays & it feels really bad to not be able to do the same for my other 3 now. & Michael never showed an ounce of gratitude for any of it- he was always the type that demanded more- nothing was ever enough.  It makes it more frustrating. But keeping us warm & fed is a higher priority- I know they understand, but it still upsets them.