Christopher’s lion head rabbit, Griffin, is now a pretty big. He has been needing more space to roam, so last night I went out to get prices on a new cage, for a possible Christmas present.

I priced rabbit cages-most are not much bigger than current cage… & I even looked at large & XL wire dog cages to try to find something bigger. All range around $100+, eek!!

So. I decided to make my own! $6 worth of ‘hardward cloth’ later, Griffin now has DOUBLE the room!

Hard to see in photo, but all it takes is cutting the hardware cloth with wire cutters to the size you need & then use the tin thread that is included(holds it in the ‘roll’ shape) to tie it on.

In our case, I attached it to the cage on one side & the leg to his metal loft bed on the other. You can also round it out further & just attach to other side of cage. If you have carpet, you will want to find something to cover it, as rabbits are diggers. šŸ˜‰ In our case, he has hard wood floors. Also our rabbit is litter trained, so no worries in that category either. šŸ˜‰

Now, his cage can stay open for for hopping room, BUT this addition can easily be unhooked& rolled up& bunny put in just his cage if needed.

You can buy something similar at the pet store, called a pet playpen, but it will cost you around $50. Also, hardware cloth comes in several sizes. The one that I purchased is already cut to 3 feet high, so the only cutting needed is the length.  Make sure to attach in 3 places, very top of cage, lowest point of cage, & middle. (& whatever u attach it to.)



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