Rough Week

This has been a rough week.
Thomas’s new school is NOT working out. To sum, they are trying to discipline out behaviors he CANT control. I have spent a lot of time this week building a team to help protect him.  I also took him to his main doctor who says she believes he is, not just on the spectrum, but actually has full blown  Autism. & not JUST Autism. So, more tests over the next few months.

Then, I had my surgery Wed… with having no one, this means I got the final kid on the final bus at 8:40am, rushed myself over & drove myself home afterward in time to start getting the kids home at 2pm. I did it. But day like that remind me how alone I really am…
And that day, Thomas ended up being treated very badly at school. Possibly the worst to date. There’s no time for rest, just jumped right into finding my son protection. No time for any ‘work’- the kind that pays the bills.

Thursday, I lost *3* of my new tires & Thomas& I had to walk home from the shop in the snow- & later I had to walk back to get it. (Yes, the day after my surgery.) HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO KEEP GETTING NAILS IN MY TIRES?! On a positive note, repairs were covered because I got the warranty, as I somehow manage to get nails/screws in my tires several times per year.

This weekend, my new shop has SANTA & FACEPAINTING. We are also supposed to get slammed with another snow/ice storm. Temps here have hovered around 0 degrees. I am praying our pipes don’t freeze. And these snow storms hitting on the weekends- when my shop is only open on weekends- is not good. I’m thankful I don’t have to be there to run it constantly the whole weekend myself though.

Today it is already 10am & I’m struggling to get myself moving. I gota get moving! The cold effects my own health issues, causing pain and my fingers to freeze up. Not only am I behind on ‘work, work’ but also housework.  Aaaaaaaaaargh. I wish I could afford to hire help! I’m here alone in pain, my throat is really sore & swollen- knowing things are falling way behind & it all rests on my shoulders.

It has to get better. Things have got to start heading up. And life could always be worse.


2 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. Christine, you are never alone. I would try to arrange a ride for you if needed. I work, but can maybe be of some help. I will message you my phone number.

  2. My second son has a number of behavior issues and it kept getting worse the more they tried to punish him… Other children would bully him hed explode, he would get frustrated at a test same result, so forth. Finally, we moved him into k12 , a program in Ohio- urs should have something similar -where it’s pubic education with a homeschool styled approach… AMAZING results… He’s moved up two almost three grade levels in 4 months…. Just an idea:) best of luck and happy holidays

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