2nd weekend…

Well, today finishes up our 2nd weekend with the new location. We did nearly double last week’s total, which is good if it keeps going that way.

I’ve expanded up to boys size 8 & girls size 6 in the new location.  It snowed pretty heavily here, so snow suits, snow boots, gloves, & hats did well.

So. The new shop is bringing in MORE than I was here, but so far NOT averaging enough to pay the rent there… I’m not sure what the rest of the month will hold as CHRISTMAS falls on a weekend and NEW YEARS falls on a weekend… It will take a miracle to break even this month.

The boys have been less than helpful lately. SUPER crazy hyper. And the small amount they are typically with their dad has been additional time here instead, as I get all holiday breaks this year, which overlaps his visitation time. And with snow storms, brings school snow days.  All would be great any other time, but not so good for trying to open this new place with negative amount of help & on someone else’s building access schedule…

No breaks. No help. Little sleep. Even less money.

Overall, there is nothing for me to do but keep moving forward. Only time will tell.

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