Wednesday Wonderings

Due to the holidays, I volunteered an extra 6hrs today. (I usually am Fridays only now.)

Got home, & got the kids in, then my phone told me we are supposed to get 4-6″ of SNOW of Friday night– it is current around 60 degrees…

So, deciding to be safe, rather than sorry, I headed to the back of our house/property, where I stored our snow shovels.  I opened the door to ‘apt 4’ & went in, gathered the snow shovels from the ‘living room’….


THIS is all mine too…?! I stopped, and decided to look around, through the living room, down the hall, & into the kitchen. back down the hall, & into a bedroom…  It didn’t feel like MINE… almost like wandering into a neighbor’s house or something.  Then it hit me: This is *ONLY* ‘apt 4’… There is also APT 3! Apt 3…. I litterally have not even unlocked the door, more or less stepped foot in apt 3 since my tours BEFORE I even bought this place! That is just crazy….wow…

Being that we are currently using 1/2 of house (1/4 for living & 1/4 for studio), I really don’t think about the rest of this place… another 2,000 sq ft nestled in the back, out if sight & out of mind…

And quite honestly, the main reason I haven’t been in apt 3 is because it still has the realtor combo lock on it too…. & I lost the combination lol… As I am not ready to rennovate it, I haven’t needed to hunt it down or hire a lock smith.

It does have me excited for the future though… Renting those apts someday would pay our mortgage and probably 1/2 our total utility bill.  Of course it will take a lot of money to get to that point….


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