Well, here we are! Packing, loading, etc. 3 boys in tow. They vow to ‘help,’ but can’t lift much and take up 1/2 the van each load, so probably more of a hurdle than help, but at least they will feel like they are contributing.

I had little heads up as to WHEN this place would actually open, and little time to prepare. And booth sizes have changed a couple times, so I really do not truly know what will fit til I get in there & just do it.

I have 6 pieces of brown peg board in my van right now that needs to come in our house, be painted, & once dry, taken over & mounted. So, before we can do anything, I have figure out how to lug them inside. Next we load the van with what I have packed so far (only 6 rods of clothes) & head over. It REALLY sucks not having anyone at all who will help. Right now it will take a miracle to get all this together myself by opening day…




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