Sometimes Plans Change…

Well, yesterday I had my own agenda planned as usual. But an unexpected crisis (not ours) resulted in me playing the role of volunteer advocate- instead sitting in the ER, babysitting, holed up at Childrens Services, making what felt like a million phone calls. Until we finally found success that evening. Another family in crisis now safe. (Praying for their strength to stay that way.)

It fell on a day that actually didnt have any appts.

A day when boys boys were going with their dad after school- no afternoon school bus time.

A day when I was upset & pouting to God for my own trouble over the weekend.

Suddenly I was thrust into someone else’s unexpected crisis- some calling me stupid because “those women always just go back.” As I stood on that street corner, I had a decision to make. To I turn my back like everyone else, or do I step in and BE the person I never had just a few short years ago. The one who tried to get help for years, but was treated with that same  negative attitude.

So. Yesterday my plans were changed. A day’s worth of work was missed. But this family is alive and safe- with people who can help further. And God answered my prayer….. Look how far we have come in these past few years! I was looking at myself. That was me. Scared, helpess. So full of guilt and shame that wasnt mine to carry. Convinced it really was all my fault- that somehow I deserved it. Convinced I could never survive as a single mother of 4. No one cared. Just a few short years ago.

Yet here I am. Today’s problems are NOTHING like what I have already overcome. Thank you God, for reminding me wherr I was, & how far I have come…

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