Up at 4am. Upset they want to move Thomas so fast, with out any real transition. Don’t they care that this will probably mess him up for months?! It sure feels like they just want to get rid of him as fast as possible. I mean, seriously- no time for any REAL goodbyes, no real closure… just BOOM, new school.
These people DO NOT care about my son at all!!  They are trying to make it LOOK like its our decision, when it’s NOT. They have already said if we don’t switch him they will just keep suspending him until he gets expelled. And for “wandering”??!! HOW DOES A TEACHER LOSE A KID REGULARLY IN THE 1ST PLACE??!! I have been a teacher! I NEVER lost a child and I had kids much worse off than Thomas! COUNT YOUR KIDS. CLOSE THE DOOR. Find a way to reach each child!

I REFUSE to believe I have some special gift with children, as Ive been told. It should be common sense! And if it IS ‘a gift’ & you dont have it, DONT WORK WITH KIDS!

If it wouldnt tear apart Andrew who is doing well, Id move him too. I feel bad for Andrew now, stuck there.  I’ll never see the school staff the same again. They sure will not get any funding/support from us- which sucks, because again, Andrew is stuck there. No wonder several neighbors pay for private school! Actually, the only other kids going over there, are from families renting houses-turned-apts in our neighborhood. I don’t like that Andrew will be stuck there another 4 years…


One thought on “Craziness

  1. You are such a great mom and You have such a mama bear heart for your boys. That is a great thing when being an advocate for them. You see, feel and absorb their pain. Your boys are lucky to have you as a mom. Sometimes though, kids absorb what they see and feel in their parents. Maybe it’s time to try to adjust your view point and let Thomas see that sometimes change is a good thing. If he sees you being resistant and fretting, he will also. If he sees you being more compliant, positive, and encouraging, maybe – just maybe it will be better for him and cause him to follow your lead. Raising kids is tough – and even tougher in your case. But they follow our lead so often and we have to remember that. So put on our armor of prayer, gird your son up in prayer, and put on a happy face – for him. I just want to encourage you that this too will pass…and he will be ok, because he has you to come home to every day. Hang in there. Praying for you all in this transition.

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