TOO MUCH all at once!

Just left a school meeting for Thomas (9). They want to move him to a different school with a special ed class… WEDNESDAY! Tommorrow are dentist appts, then his school tour, then BOOM. That’s crazy fast- even I can’t absorb that.

& Then I an an appointnent with a guy about opening a shop in his business- kind of like an upscale flea market. The fee is almost as much as my mortgage! (+ commision) …. but, they will sell my stuff for me – all I do is set up & restock. They are open every weekend, 9a-6p (18hrs/weekend); Im open by appt only.

I will still have my diaper website & shop facebook online, & also have by appt hours at my studio.  This may just be my next big break…. or a big flop.  It’s a big risk right on top of all the other stress right now.

I have a little bit of time right now to sit and breathe for a second, then its time to get everyone ready for bed& asleep. Tomorrow will be long and stressful. I hope the tour helps Thomas though. I can’t wait until we can breathe at least a little each day…


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