Been awhile since I mentioned it & some have been curious.

Did You Know/About me:

I grew up in ‘the system.’ It was a terrible terrible experience.  I’ve survived A LOT more over my entire lifetime than what is mentioned in this blog… the rest is too horrible to post online.

I have no reliable family etc.

I’m now a single mother of 4 who have special needs. (been divorced nearly 4yrs)

Ive built my life myself. I have no one to fall back on. It’s scary.

I run an online business to support us via my phone. Yes. Basic cell phone package, terrible cell cam& all..  lol.    I’m grateful to have a small business developnent office about 10mins from home if I need to print postage, reciepts, etc. It means packing everyone up & hiking up there BUT I do what I need to for my kids.

We average up to 14hours of Dr & therapy appts each week and I’m also on call with regular emergency pick ups of my kids when do things like wander from class/school. (Last week’s pick up calls: 4)

Due to our situation, I also cant leave my kids for any reason including for work, for 4 or more hours. Makes holding a typical job impossible. My hardheaded, determined, surviving, hopeful, spirit that has brought me through life, is how I came up with my business, home, etc.

I /we volunteer weekly. I feel it is important to raise my children by example, not by words.

People who make excuses to not bother to even try in life annoy me.

And to sum, my blog is NOT here for people to feel sorry for me, but instead to shout:

Set goals & reach for them. One step at a time….


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