New school…

I toured a new school for Thomas yesterday. Bitter sweet. The staff & set up seemed awesome.  (Praying it really is- only time will tell obviously )
  He has currently been in a ‘typical’ classroom environnent, which is proving to be a safety issue, as he ‘wanders’ when overwhelmed/overstimulated.

The new school has a special classroom for his needs as well as staff already trained/experienced with particular special needs.  When he has his flight episodes, he will have special places to remove himself to: a small tent in the special classroom, a dark office where he can lay under a trained staff’s desk, etc.  He will be in a classroom of up to 9 other kids just like him, (& 3 staff) instead of up to 30 kids that don’t understand his behaviors.

He’s been asking questions like:
“Why am I so different??”
“Why do I have so many people in my life& [classmates] dont??”
“Why cant I stop being bad??”

He says when he’s in class (& things are off the set routine )his entire body hurts all over from head to toe & his body just has to get away from the pain. He doesnt stop & think about anything else until after hes gone.  THEN he gets scared once the realization hits that ‘he did it again.’

He has come home just balling his eyes out until he falls asleep. It breaks my heart.  He is NOT happy about the idea of switching schools, leaving friends behind- the 1st time in his life that he has had friends. And his teacher is on maternity leave- he will be gone before she returns.  He will also be on the school bus twice as long each day.  (picked up earlier, dropped off later) It’s a very tough thing to do. I pray it helps everyone involved in the long run.


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