Getting Nervous!

Well, the past week has been very rough, but instead of wasting time focusing on the negative, I am choosing to focus on our next upcoming LEAP OF FAITH.

As you find in previous posts over the last year, I chose to take a HUGE Leap of Faith regarding our housing situation & by April was lead to what was a giant historic home that had sat vacant on the foreclosure list for many years. When I purchased it in April 2013, it did not even have utilities in it. (A terrifying leap as a single mom of 4 with no help indeed.)  But here we are, 6 months later already- WOW!

So, what better way to celebrate our 6 month anniversary than to take ANOTHER leap of faith!

No, it may not be as big a risk, but a big decision none the less.
I I am currently awaiting a phone call to move a section of my business to a local shop/booth. It is basically like a shop inside a shop if you will. They will sell my products for me inside their larger store, with regular business hours. I will not have to be there myself, other than to clean and restock.  And as you know from previous posts, our insane schedule prevents me from holding regular business hours.

Now for the leap of faith part. There is a monthly fee required upfront, & due whether I sell anything or not. This fee is equivalent to half of my current mortgage payment. & that is just for “step 1″ …
See why this is terrifying yet? 

It is a large gamble, but selling from my studio is not panning out as I had hoped. This path is cheaper than hiring a 2nd person to handle my sales for me and much cheaper than renting a retail shop of my own somewhere (which in my situation would also require hiring employees )

So! I have about a week left to get everything ready to go. I have already drawn out a map of my section/booth(pic below) & started sorting out clothing to put in the shop etc.

This new shop will be located here in Hamilton, & will house (most) of my seasonal clothing in sizes preemie- 4t, maternity in sizes XXS-5X, as well as sorted baskets for my packaged cloth diapers, wipes” etc.

If this really takes off, then I will later add a 2nd space of the same size for sizes 5t-? and more of my own product line items. That of course would bring my monthly rental fee to equilant of my mortgage– like paying 2 house payments instead of 1 every month.

Another positive though is that it’s a month to month lease, so if it totally bombs, I’m only out the fees paid to said date & can go back to plan “A.”  (No, I have no idea where these fees will come from lol. That’s the leap of faith part. )

I am praying for another miracle. As my neighbors tell me to expect utility bills over the winter to be as much as $3000/mth.  EEK. We are obviously screwed if that happens lol.

So anyway, here is my “rough draft” of how I plan to set up. Ive measured each piece etc but you just never know til you get in and put everything up in real life:


Thank you for your continued support, prayers, thoughts!!


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