Thorny Weeds…

I get complete strangers emailing my business every week- making fun of my kids special needs, putting down our house& all Ive built- even threats to burn our house down. 

Some people are so lacking that they’d rather tear down others accomplishing more than they are, instead of making their own accomplishments in life. As a single mom, I know how VERY HARD it is. Just keep your head up- it all just means YOU are on the right path.

Remember your past, and let it BOOST you toward success, not drag you under.
They are all just thorny weeds along the side of your road- it may hurt as you pass them, BUT their roots stop them from ever taking the journey theirselves…


2 thoughts on “Thorny Weeds…

  1. I’m so sorry that people have treated you and your precious boys in that manner. I cannot understand people who tear down others. Know that you are doing the best you can with what you have. Know that you and your boys are precious children of God. And hear me – you are providing your boys with everything they need. Know that you are loved. Block those people, protect yourself, notify the police if people have made threats.
    Holding you in prayer.

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