Not Easily Understood…

I don’t get why people feel the need to bash me & all I am doing. I’m even receiving serious threats, like a man even threatened to ‘burn (my house) to the ground’ online last night.  And  just plain nasty remarks from others– putting down my house, poking fun at my children’s disabilities, etc. 

I’m doing NOTHING to these people. I give back to the community. I’m working constantly for less than minimum wage because I can not work a ‘typical’ job & refuse to sit on welfare.  Generally, every single one of these remarks come from people who fit in the same category- living in the exact situation I’m fighting to not be in.

Those who cheer me on are generally gainfully employed & successful- the ones who have trudged the road before me. The rest are here in the battle theirselves. All of us working our way further toward our own goals.

If I can work this hard & create something better for my family & I, then ANYONE CAN.  If nothing else comes from my story but that, so be it- its enough!  I’m doing all this 99% alone. I Have a lot more on my plate than a typical single mom, with having 4 kids with special needs. (+ Add in all our pets.)  I’m running an entire business completely on my own  with no help. I’m restoring a house so that my children have a roof over their head.  (In our situation, there is no way I could afford rent for anything even 1/4 the size we need. So, I’m making one!)  & I have to keep it all clean!! ( if anyone would like to gift me house cleaning services that would be great lol.)

There is NO family help here. It is just ME. All day. Every day. YET IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE. I CHOOSE to not let it stop me.

BUT eventually this will all pay off. Those who choose to sit idle & try to tear me apart will sadly be in their current place at that time. I want to be an inspiration! EVERYONE has the ability to work to better their situation! E V E R Y O N E.  That is why I volunteer. I see it all the time- you can work toward the life you want, or you can sit around, make excuses not to try, & bad mouth those who are. And where does the latter get you?? It can’t feel good in the long run…

SO TRY!! All it takes is LITTERALLY 1 LITTLE STEP AT A TIME!! There are agencies (like The Healing Center) That can help you set up goals for free if you find yourself not knowing where to start. Break it all into small, one day at a time, steps.  Do not look at everything at once.  If you mess up one day, it’s ok- just don’t stop! Start over the next day.  Don’t waste the time you could be using to better yourself by trying to tear others down.


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