10 years…

How fast time flies, and how it seems to go faster & faster the older we are…
…have you ever just paused and gave it some thought??

10 years from now, my youngest child will be graduating high school.

10 years ago my oldest son was my now youngest son’s age. We talked a little about college, and worked on budgeting, but it seemed so far off.

10 years from now, I’ll be freshly 43…. & possibly a grandma, as Michael will be 28 & Christopher, nearly 23… Thomas, nearly 20. (Andrew, nearly 18, so better not be him, or Thomas.)

10 years from now, most of our pets will be long gone. ( though I do know someone who has a cat who is 21.)

10 years from now, I will have *4* GROWN sons. Wow.  That’s a lot to take in for some one who has been a mother for 1/2 my lifetime.  I barely remember not being a parent. My entire life revolves around my children.  Everything I do, is around bettering their lives. 

One family I nannied for awhile back was telling how great with kids they say I am & that they can see me having, get this:  *4-8 MORE*  LOL.

While, I don’t know about all that, I have thought about options down the road– everything from traveling the world, to doing foster care for either teen moms or children with special needs. ( I wouldn’t have to worry about diapers. 😉  ) My house is BIG enough, maybe even dig up that ol’ 18yrs ago dream of opening my own young mother shelter… one that is NOT crawling with roaches and thilth like those I/we lived in.  Heck, we have 2 apts in the back that’d be great ‘independent living’ apts ( hopefully 10 years from now they’ll be repaired lol) & inside we have a rec room, and potentially as many as 8 bedrooms in the main house– + my bedroom alone could fit 4-6 children ( by Foster Care rules). That’s an insane amount of people, of course… 😉

Anyway…. a lot changes in 10 years. We can plan, but no one truly knows what our futures hold…

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