The Case Of The Missing…

The case of the missing….. [your item here]…..

  If you have kids, or maybe even pets, I’m sure you have had the same problem at one time or another. For me, lately it’s been my shipping tape. A major staple for my business, When it’s missing it creates a huge hang up. No shipping tape means I can’t ship anything until it’s found. (& it doesn’t help that meanwhile I’m envisioning customers, standing their front doors, arms crossed, foot tapping–“where’s my order I bought yesterday?!”) :-/

And it’s not like I just have just one missing roll, there has got to be 100s around this house hiding somewhere at this point.

Sometimes it’s my fault:
‘huh, I could have SWORN I set it on my shipping table… how on earth did it end up on my sewing machine???’
Other times it’s found in odd areas around the house: wrapped around some sticks in the shape of a sword, in the kids’ art studio next to newly hung masterpieces, corralling animals or dinosaurs or action figures on a bedroom floor… (& of course its NotMeees fault. Ugh that darn NotMee. Maybe I’ll solve that someday too.)
But most of the time it just vanishes into thin air, never to be seen again.

I’ve thought up some clever solutions, but each has flaws of its own. And let’s face it, once you use the item in question, it simply isn’t a high priority…until the next time needed. My mind immediately switches to *ship packages right now!* mode. 
I’ve tried to think of another way to seal the packages… Elmer’s glue?? Naaah…hmmm.  (Although mysteriously my tape gets replaced with such glue on a regular basis- another mystery… or is it a clue?)
So again today, this Cold Case alludes me. And some days it’s just easier to give up searching & run & buy more…


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