Continuing On…

Still waiting for the consignment booth call. Still prepping away.

Had a meeting earlier and have another for my Thomas this afternoon at school.

And yet another meeting here tomorrow.

It’s been 6mths since I bought this house. I truly feel lead here and that our stress will start loosening its grip very soon.
Next year is MY YEAR. Good things will start to arrive.  I have absolutely no idea what this will all look like. I’m just walking in blind faith. As a SUPER PLANNER this is difficult for me. Doubt has tried to creep in & take over, but I refuse to let it cloud my path any longer.

I have fought to make it this far and I have God given gifts I haven’t used yet. I’m trying to patient & see how that is to play out…


Getting Nervous!

Well, the past week has been very rough, but instead of wasting time focusing on the negative, I am choosing to focus on our next upcoming LEAP OF FAITH.

As you find in previous posts over the last year, I chose to take a HUGE Leap of Faith regarding our housing situation & by April was lead to what was a giant historic home that had sat vacant on the foreclosure list for many years. When I purchased it in April 2013, it did not even have utilities in it. (A terrifying leap as a single mom of 4 with no help indeed.)  But here we are, 6 months later already- WOW!

So, what better way to celebrate our 6 month anniversary than to take ANOTHER leap of faith!

No, it may not be as big a risk, but a big decision none the less.
I I am currently awaiting a phone call to move a section of my business to a local shop/booth. It is basically like a shop inside a shop if you will. They will sell my products for me inside their larger store, with regular business hours. I will not have to be there myself, other than to clean and restock.  And as you know from previous posts, our insane schedule prevents me from holding regular business hours.

Now for the leap of faith part. There is a monthly fee required upfront, & due whether I sell anything or not. This fee is equivalent to half of my current mortgage payment. & that is just for “step 1″ …
See why this is terrifying yet? 

It is a large gamble, but selling from my studio is not panning out as I had hoped. This path is cheaper than hiring a 2nd person to handle my sales for me and much cheaper than renting a retail shop of my own somewhere (which in my situation would also require hiring employees )

So! I have about a week left to get everything ready to go. I have already drawn out a map of my section/booth(pic below) & started sorting out clothing to put in the shop etc.

This new shop will be located here in Hamilton, & will house (most) of my seasonal clothing in sizes preemie- 4t, maternity in sizes XXS-5X, as well as sorted baskets for my packaged cloth diapers, wipes” etc.

If this really takes off, then I will later add a 2nd space of the same size for sizes 5t-? and more of my own product line items. That of course would bring my monthly rental fee to equilant of my mortgage– like paying 2 house payments instead of 1 every month.

Another positive though is that it’s a month to month lease, so if it totally bombs, I’m only out the fees paid to said date & can go back to plan “A.”  (No, I have no idea where these fees will come from lol. That’s the leap of faith part. )

I am praying for another miracle. As my neighbors tell me to expect utility bills over the winter to be as much as $3000/mth.  EEK. We are obviously screwed if that happens lol.

So anyway, here is my “rough draft” of how I plan to set up. Ive measured each piece etc but you just never know til you get in and put everything up in real life:


Thank you for your continued support, prayers, thoughts!!

Thorny Weeds…

I get complete strangers emailing my business every week- making fun of my kids special needs, putting down our house& all Ive built- even threats to burn our house down. 

Some people are so lacking that they’d rather tear down others accomplishing more than they are, instead of making their own accomplishments in life. As a single mom, I know how VERY HARD it is. Just keep your head up- it all just means YOU are on the right path.

Remember your past, and let it BOOST you toward success, not drag you under.
They are all just thorny weeds along the side of your road- it may hurt as you pass them, BUT their roots stop them from ever taking the journey theirselves…

Pages from the Past….

When I was married (been divorced 4yrs),  I kept journals. I never told anyone at the time & honestly forget all about it until I come across one.  It was never anything official- basically any notebook on hand, so there are several floating around in whatever box I hid them in at the time.

Today, while looking for an empty notebook, I found one from 2003- 6 years before the divorce.  I couldn’t get past the 1st page. Wow. We were living in pure hell. At the time I fully believed his actions toward me and the boys were all my fault. The page I came across today– I was so terrified that particular morning, that I had litterally peed myself. There are actual quotes from both sides written right there. Very sad & scary.

It’s all right there in my own handwriting- all the stuff I have buried as far away as possible and tried to forget.   I saw a counselor while married, who I told about the things that occurred- she told me there was nothing she could do about it, they only report child abuse. She not once even hinted I should leave or that it was not my fault AND that if I reported anything to her regarding my kids, I could lose my kids for neglect.

Hind sight is 20/20 of course. A divorce and  then 1 1/2yrs of a new counselor (who was flabbergasted at the previous counselor notes) I learned it wasn’t me. And it shouldn’t have been ignored& handled the way it was by those I had reached out to.  Logically, I accepted that. Emotionally is much more difficult. 

I’m glad I kept these journals. It’s my proof that it’s not me, I’m NOT crazy, it really did happen. The proof is right here in front of me, all dated, in my own handwriting.  I was so torn down, 99.9% believing all I was fed about myself over the 13yr period, yet there was some tiny speck of me that knew it was wrong.

I was too torn down at the time of divorce to fully stand up for myself & my children.  I had no one to turn to as I was seperated from my family & friends during the marriage. I had been a stay at home mother, so I had absolutely no income.  The judge approved rules that still harbor our lives today.  I didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t normal.  One of those rules keeps me from being away from my children for more than 4 hours at ANY given time–including for work– only exclusions are when they are in school(5-6hrs/day minus all their Dr & therapy appts) and his visits(about 10% of mth). If I do, he can take the kids. Yes. That means if I hold a full time job outside of the home, around the hours left after appts, he could flip the custody and take the kids. Over my dead body will I ever allow them placed back in any potential situation we already had to survive. 

I also cannot move out of our current city without prior written permission from him& court- & the only way that would ever be approved would be to leave my children behind which again, NEVER gonna happen.

So, these journals remind me of how bad it really, truly was. Yet it has also fueled my success to this point. When someone tells me that I cannot succeed, I do it anyway.  Oh, I can’t leave my kids to work a regular job? Fine. I’ll start my own online business so I don’t have to! I’ll never do better on my own? Well, I think I’m proving that and will continue to as well.

So as hard as it is read, I’m thankful I wrote them…

When Running A Sole Proprietor Business…

There is A LOT that goes into having your own business. And it gets 1000000x more complicated if you hire employees.

There is much more involved than just buying/producing and selling. I handle all paperwork myself, which is dreadful and time consuming. There are emails to send and reply to, receipts to log ( incoming and outgoing, shipping records and labeling, bills to be paid, invoices to collect, calculations of ‘cost of goods sold’ for every product you sell, etc — and you have to keep all those documents organized at all times.

I hate paperwork, so I try to save most of it up for 1-2 days per month. Today is one of those days.

There is of course organizing all of your supplies actually create your products as well. the more organized you are, the easier it is.  ( I can’t wait until I hit that arrival day lol.)

Then, there’s the hours for production. For me, that not only includes sewing, but now also buying clothing, cleaning, steaming, hanging, pricing, taking & uploading photos, posting listings, scheduling and running appointments and open hours days, etc.

I’m looking into renting a section of a shop for some of my products. It’s pretty pricey- there is a hefty monthly rental fee (due whether you sell anything or not) and a commission fee for each item that sells. The perk is that they run my section for me during their regular business hours and I can try it out month to month.  It is a brand new place, so there’s no way to know yet what type of traffic they will end up with. This means I will probably be in the negative the first couple months. I’m waiting to here back in the upcoming weeks about the rules and regulations, and exactly what I need to supply and how to set it up. 

For example, so far I know costs and sizes of space available. I know that I have to set up, restock and take down my products- they only sell them.  but I don’t know yet what type of retail rocks I need to supply, and what kind of decorating for my section I’m allowed to do.  So, all of that is upcoming paperwork.

Add in my kids and there’s little downtime. 😉

*And* I just got a call and Im off the school to pick up a vomiting child….

Thank you for stopping by and supporting our endeavors.

Not Easily Understood…

I don’t get why people feel the need to bash me & all I am doing. I’m even receiving serious threats, like a man even threatened to ‘burn (my house) to the ground’ online last night.  And  just plain nasty remarks from others– putting down my house, poking fun at my children’s disabilities, etc. 

I’m doing NOTHING to these people. I give back to the community. I’m working constantly for less than minimum wage because I can not work a ‘typical’ job & refuse to sit on welfare.  Generally, every single one of these remarks come from people who fit in the same category- living in the exact situation I’m fighting to not be in.

Those who cheer me on are generally gainfully employed & successful- the ones who have trudged the road before me. The rest are here in the battle theirselves. All of us working our way further toward our own goals.

If I can work this hard & create something better for my family & I, then ANYONE CAN.  If nothing else comes from my story but that, so be it- its enough!  I’m doing all this 99% alone. I Have a lot more on my plate than a typical single mom, with having 4 kids with special needs. (+ Add in all our pets.)  I’m running an entire business completely on my own  with no help. I’m restoring a house so that my children have a roof over their head.  (In our situation, there is no way I could afford rent for anything even 1/4 the size we need. So, I’m making one!)  & I have to keep it all clean!! ( if anyone would like to gift me house cleaning services that would be great lol.)

There is NO family help here. It is just ME. All day. Every day. YET IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE. I CHOOSE to not let it stop me.

BUT eventually this will all pay off. Those who choose to sit idle & try to tear me apart will sadly be in their current place at that time. I want to be an inspiration! EVERYONE has the ability to work to better their situation! E V E R Y O N E.  That is why I volunteer. I see it all the time- you can work toward the life you want, or you can sit around, make excuses not to try, & bad mouth those who are. And where does the latter get you?? It can’t feel good in the long run…

SO TRY!! All it takes is LITTERALLY 1 LITTLE STEP AT A TIME!! There are agencies (like The Healing Center) That can help you set up goals for free if you find yourself not knowing where to start. Break it all into small, one day at a time, steps.  Do not look at everything at once.  If you mess up one day, it’s ok- just don’t stop! Start over the next day.  Don’t waste the time you could be using to better yourself by trying to tear others down.


Well, its time to try it again!!  Opening my studio to the public tomorrow!


I’ll be up all night working on getting everything ready.  Im thinking about selling all regular mens & womens resale clothing super cheap to make room for more baby/toddler/kids/maternity stuff. 

Id like to drastically thin out the MENS sz S-XXL & Womend S- 6x.  So, we are talking as little as 50¢ each for those!!

I have clothing in ALL sizes!!  And maternity clothing to sizes XXS-5x!!

We are talking dozens of racks!

Time is 9am-2pm Tomorrow, Saturday. At our studio/ home.
( it looks like a house from the outside. The studio has its own glass, ‘commercial’ door on the front of house complete with OPEN sign.–the door on the left. )  The studio is ‘apt 1.’  We do not have a public restroom yet.

There is more info & address on our Facebook page. 🙂