All 4 Boys…

It’s been a rough time here, especially for Michael (18) with the passing of 2 of his friends.  It has taken quite a bit to coax ham from his room at all.

So yesterday,  I pried him out and we had a family day- all 5 of us.
1st: I had a meeting at the Healing Center, where I volunteer in a supervisory role. (Thursday while volunteering,  I got 4 free tickets for Adventure Golf, and Thomas had his first perfect week at school. So, it was all great timing.)

2nd: Grabbed a small lunch& went to play at Fairfield Fun Center.  The guy was awesome enough not charge us for the 5th child’s ticket, & we had a great 18 holes.




3rd:  With saving so much money, we then went out for a very nice dinner at The Old Speghetti Factory. The younger boys were excited to sit in a trolley, and the restaurants meals include a 3 course menu. Kids are under $6, most adult meals are around $10-$11. And again,  that’s 3 courses- or 4 if you count the limitless bread and butter too. 🙂  (the went through 2-3 loaves.)

Next, I Was introduced to the Redbox, where we bought a movie for $5, & rented 2 for less than $2 more.  So, We finished up our long day with an evening of movies.


Thomas ate SALAD. 🙂


All and all, it was a great day….


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