Tomorrow is Never Promised…

Well, we attended 1 funeral of 2 for my 18yr old’s friends today.

They had been friends since kindergarten …  years of hanging out, sports, cub scouts…

Good kids.

It was the night of the Miami U  (my son’s school) and the UC (Ben’s school) football game.  The weather was iffy, and Michael stayed home.

After the game, on the way back to the UC campus- on the very dark, windy ‘country’ road known for tragic auto accidents- the worst occurred.

**There are 2 more in critical condition,  & 1 in stable condition.  Please pray for all of these boys & their families. Michael/we only knew the 2- Ben & Sean.**

It is difficult to think that I will never cross paths with these boys again…

Sometimes, as a mother, Ive found it easy to zone in on a ‘ finish line’– if I can just get him to  *18*… *graduated*…*off to college*…
… an end goal that sounds like completion. That time when we will ‘arrive.’

And although those are all things that we should forward to, Ive realized now that we’ve reached these milestones, it is not an ‘end.’

At least it’s not meant to be.  I’ve been in this limbo-like state since Michael has reached these milestones. He reached them, but wasn’t suddenly ‘mature’… Now what?

Now, I’m left in this odd state. Feeling guilty for feeling thankful that Michael is still here and safe.  And realizing those NEXT Milestones: College graduation, marriage, grand babies….. it’s extremely hard to fathom that his friends(& their families) will now never see those things. 

So, I sit here, rethinking a lot. Michael is 18, and thankfully makes a majority of good choices outside of the home, but I believe he needs more time to grow up. I’m going to try to relax more & see this as 2nd chance. New goals & more time for as long as God allows… Tomorrow is never promised…


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