I’m alive…

Life is been crazy, like usual. I’ve had trouble lately with people ( particularly single men) finding me online, & verbally bashing me& all I have done.  Everyone seem to fit the same basic profile : male, single, older than me. Upset that they have sat back & let their life pass them by.  & Now for some reason feel the need to blame me. They put down my house, my business,  me being single…etc etc.  I’m supposedly “the woman no one wants…”  & because I bought a foreclosure, the only “reason (I) have a place to live at all other than the streets is because (I) bought a house no one wanted…”

Just wow. I’m thankful I’m strong enough to realize that they’re just projecting their feelings about themselves on to me. but it’s still frustrating.  And scary. I double check our locks & make sure the dogs are in the house before dark, etc.

Anyway,  today is a looonnnggg day. 3 kids to get up& ready, 2 to get on the bus, then I take Christopher (12) for bloodwork & his formal hearing test. ( he failed the one at the doctors office)

And that is all before noon.

Then, I need to go to the the grocery store before the other ones get home from school. I still have several custom items to finish( goal is to have everything out by the end of the week.)

At 4pm each day, life gets crazy! 5 people running around, homework,  dinner, medications, baths, bedtime. Only 4-5hours…. It pays to be super organized.

Today, I just can’t wait to get Christopher’s test results back…

OH! & Christopher got a bunny! It’s a lion hwad rabbit, which will eventually be as large as our cats& litter trained (hopefully) … right now he is about 6 weeks old.

Photo of the Day:



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