…are moving along. Some days are more productive than others.

The discrimination situation has moved up into the hands of Disabilities of Ohio. I’m still not sure how to handle it.

There is just a lot of extra stress every day. Anyone with multiple children can attest how much just that aspect takes. Then add all 4 chilldren’s special need requirements, toss in the 100s of feelings that brings, and that’s just the basic foundation of a general day.

Yet, I still expect so much more from myself. I’ve done little outside of 100% “mom mode” for 18 years.

Often,  those in my life tell me to ” just relax, and have some fun.”  But, it’s very difficult for me.  I’m trying to work on it though.   Because,  let’s face it, NO ONES list is ever “done”…

So, with that, here’s today fun pic. Andrew made a “bird costume ” out of bags:



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