~~yesterday’s organizing successes~~

I hate chaos & mess. ( although some who know me would say I thrive and it.)

Our house has been BOTH since the move. And it’s driven me crazy. So for Labor Day, I spent 8+ hours cleaning. Non-stop.

Here are some areas that were TERRIBLE, so terrible that I couldn’t bear to take “before” photos.

Our kitchen cook area:


This thing has large drawers, & the microwave & coffee maker stay on top+ a few decorations… photos of drawers below:

Coffee drawer. Alittle bare looking,  but its organized…


The other drawers:




Basically,  it’s also our “oh no we are out of time, but you still have to eat!!” Area… 😉

Kitchen still has a long way to go…



…but the S  P  A  C  E  is beautiful!
Note, no table. Our table & chair fold up, the chairs fit inside the table, & then neatly stows away. Ahhhh space!

It’s a sensory thing. If you do not have similar sensory issues, you may not understand. 😉 (hmmm, that needs to be a future post!)

Anyway, moving on. My bedroom.  My bedroom seems to be the main congregating area in our home. Yet at the same time, it gets the most neglected. My guys bring things in but don’t take them back out, And since it’s easier to shut the door, It is not a room that guests whatever really see. BUT, again, it when there is mess & chaos OUTSIDE/around me, it feels like it’s INSIDE too. (My Thomas has opposite sensory needs. Again future post.)

More after photos:



Everything tucked away, out of view. My bed is on cinder blocks & underneath are storage boxes for clothing, etc, instead of dressers. (This is only about one fourth of my room. the rest is TBC.)  Again I need S P A C E around me. 😉

The rest of the day was all general cleaning & laundry. But, it was great to wake up to S P A C E,  & walk into the kitchen of S P A C E… you get the point. 😉

…now only 3, 774sq ft more to go…


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