We Have been discriminated against!!

MY KIDS WERE Discriminated against by the Big Brothers Big Sisters program!!!!! I have a letter of proof and everything! We applied and were approved I have been on the waiting list for years! They never said anything until now! I call at least once a month and always have! NOW They claim they told me this a year ago!!

I call regularly and always have for years. Everytime I call they tell me the person in charge of our case quit or moved or Is in a meeting and so on. I leave message after message, And all they have said in the past is that were on the list and still waiting.

NOW I just got a letter in the mail that says they’ve been trying to reach me by phone & were removed from the program in fall 2012.

I’m just in shock! I read the letter to legal aid & they agreed- yes, this is discrimination, right there in writing. But I don’t know what to do or how I want to handle it. 

I mean, if it was just about, so I could kind of understand- But Christopher too?! everyone loves Christopher. He’s the people pleaser, teachers pet! other than a case of missing homework here or there, he is never gotten in trouble at school or anywhere else. People love him. They tell me how sweet & wonderful he is.

and they have absolutely no record of Andrews case at all! They flat out closed our entire family! All my kids!

I can’t believe this….


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