Yet again…

So Michael refuses to accept he has issues. No matter how many doctors, teachers, case managers, counselors, etc etc, tell him and try to show him how plans, medications, etc, could help.

Everyday, chores dont get done, baths get skipped, dirty laundry gets left everywhere, money & important documents get lost. But, he still refuses to accept thus get needed help.

He squeezed his giant size 13.5 feet into yet another pair of his little Brothers brand new socks, as hes worn all his own out again. So now, Christopher’s new  socks are all ruined…

THEN he goes to school, pouts to a professor,  & got *6* offers for a new bike! THIS IS EXACTLY WHY HE NEVER LEARNS! 

WHY does 99% of people just hand him whatever he wants??!!

I try to teach him responsibility & others undermine me by giving him everything he wants anyway!

Well, hes 18. I cant MAKE him get help. No more than I can stop people from bowing down to his every whim… sigh…

Its bedtime here & Im worn out. 9 hours straight without a break, on concrete floors of a super hot warehouse today. My head is throbbing & it doesn’t help that I now have to figure out how to come up with money to buy Christopher new socks AGAIN.


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