Back to School…

Well, School has begun, and the kids are all settling in well so far. They all seem happy. 🙂




After getting them all off on their 1st day, I ran to a meeting,  then back to take Michael over to the college for some last minute paperwork. Also, got the 3rd floor cleaned the rest of the way & worked in the studio.

Im supposed to have the drywall cut for some young guys to take up for the 3rd floor ceiling. Didnt get it done yet. :-/

I still got 5hrs of volunteering in alone today…it wasn’t the same. & prices on a hot water heater.
Not too much longer& we should have hot water!

The farmer markets are proving to too much for little to no pay out.  I just dont have enough time to be everywhere & get everything done. I wanted to have my 1st open house by LAST saturday.  &  I of course still have the new website to finish building…. & winter is coming soon…


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