Kids Come Back& Electric…

YAY!! My boys come home today!! Time is going soooo slow while I wait– all I know is “after lunch”… so I staying put til they show up. I’m trying to keep myself busy in the boutique, but its only partly working…   Tomorrow will start our school schedule,  and school starts Tuesday(cringe). We Have a lot to do still before Tuesday. And I also have lots of new plans for the school year/our schedule.

And, while on the topic of good news, the ELECTRIC IS PAID OFF! All $900 in less than 6 months- I still don’t know how I pulled that off.

And 3rdly, I have come to realize I am severely dehydrated. it is causing all kinds of problems ( aches and pains, dry wrinkled skin, & swelling/weight gain.)  So today is also day 1 of putting myself back together!
Instead of a cup of coffee some mornings, and rarely any fluids the rest of the day, Ive set timers to remind myself to go drink a small Gatorade& some fruit- all fluids are making me nauseous at this point,  so I gotta take it slow.


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