A Day without kids…

So. My boys are all gone. (Michael is at a camp & The other boys are with their father.) One may think my schedule would be wide open right? Well, thats kinda true- my schedule book is blank. 😉  I’m not wasting any time though that’s for sure.  And keeping myself busy keeps me from moping around because they aren’t here.)

Today so far:

Up, walked dogs, fed all animals, then off to the Post office, small business office, back to meet with a subcontractor(entire house needs sealed&gutters repaired asap), then back out on a bank run, and now back at the shop for financials and tagging, etc. Oh, & I should probably eat or something…

And although definitely still accepting donations, I think I’m going to break down and just go buy about another hundred hangers. I mean, they are 11¢ a piece, just over $10, and it’s less STUFF stacked all over. (& maybe while I am there they will have more free ones.)

I thought I’d have time to work around the house- not working out that way- but getting the running done alone is much faster. 😉

School starts next week, so I still have back packs to fill.  And open houses x3…. 3.  Just 3! That’s sooo weird!

Alright, well, I’m only halfway through this day and I refuse to waste any time! 😉


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