Richards Pizza

We have a local Restaurant hear that everyone raves about called Richards pizza, so I decided to treat myself there last night for dinner.

I went to the location located on a busy highway called route 4. Their drive thru had no menu and a sign hanging on it saying please come to window– I figure this is pretty typical for a small family owned restaurant… And not knowing the menu, I decided to go inside to order…

The place was completely dead… no line, no wait, Right? Wrong.
It took well over 20 minutes to get my food for my to go order(& that’s just the time from when I started actually counting) & most of that time I just watched the two workers chatting & cleaning the kitchen instead of getting my food together. 

( though they were polite, & no worries about the place being clean I guess.  They also seemed very knowledgeable about their products.)

Which brings up another thing- while I was waiting for my food by the register, I had my phone out and was texting… when I receive a text my phone goes BEEP… Well, they heard my phone beep, & although I told them it was my phone, they said “no…no… that can’t be a phone, it must be the radio or something…?”  After a few “beeps”… I gave up trying to show them it was my phone and just nodded that yeah, it must be the radio lol… ( Both were young adult age)

Then, nearly $7 for an “Italian salad” that didn’t fill half the container, and had nothing “Italian” about it, (unless you count the Italian dressing I ordered with it)…not even peppers!  They basically charged me $7 for a basic side salad with a couple pepperoni thrown on top…

I also ordered one of their “famous steak sandwiches”. these steak sandwiches are supposedly so popular you can actually have them shipped to relatives. 
They cost a little more than your typical steak sandwich anywhere else, and it was good, and looks like it will reheat well, but I was left wondering why is this “famous”…? There isn’t even any “secret sauce.”. 😛

I also ordered something called  loaded fries. They were good, and appropriately priced for the size, just under $5.

Now. I order a salad, messy fries that require a fork to eat, & I get back home to realize they apparently do not supply forks or napkins?? Seriously??!! Good thing I was headed home and not out and about with no access to a fork…

I’m Left wondering, why in the heck is this place so popular???!!!
And for all the raves that people say about it, why was it so empty during a time when people should be headed home from work, thus most likely to stop at a restaurant on a busy, main road…

Note, no, I did not eat all of this in one sitting lol. I just wanted some special grown up food to last me last night and throughout today. 😉


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