Things are looking UP financially- looks like stuff is starting to pay off!

Kids are all gone this week….I have no clue what to do with myself… :-/

Trying some dating, learning there a lot of nut cases out there… remembering why I quit dating… 😛

3rd floor getting done… and I bought some drywall and insulation to start building a ceiling up there… just a start… once I find help to L I F T the drywall- that stuff is HEAVY. 😉

Took the 3 youngest to a hotel last night… I felt like I wasted their entire summer, because Ive been working so much and all the house stuff… wanted to have something fun before summer is over. 

Now my oldest is doing music for a youth camp up north, and the 3 younglings are with their father for the week… longest week of the year. The one where you have to put on a forced smile and tell them you hope they have a great time etc etc etc…  And I never plan anything really great for myself ahead of time.  They get just in time for school to start…

I obviously have plenty to do around here….its just entirely too quiet!!!

Ok, off and running…





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