its been a long Monday…

I have girls-womens clothing hung. (well most hung)
I’ve learned: It doesn’t LOOK like much, but it came out to 395 items hung!! & I have more but ran out of hangers…


AND I hung boys-mens clothing. Again, doesn’t look like a lot to me, but total came to 321….


I have items in every size, though lacking in some. & I ran out of hangers again!

STILL ACCEPTING ANY/ALL HANGERS & ANY/ ALL CLOTHING, especially infant-children sizes. I also need shoes, especially infant & toddler for girls and boys.

AND MATERNITY CLOTHING!! I’m having no luck finding maternity clothes for cheap enough to resell. :-/

Also need infant&up socks, stockings, hats, gloves, bedding, towels, & every other accessory.

In other words- good start but a long way to go… 😉

Oh & I have my shoe area built, just need to stock it…. I have no girls shoes at all lol…


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