Well, we started off the day with taking Christopher to get his junior high shots. It wasn’t fun. He Completely flipped out.

Then, I had an appointment in Mason. 

We rushed back in time for the boys to go with their father for dinner.

Next, I got about 1/4 of the unpacking done from all the boxes stacked in the boutique area and a corner de-wallpapered.

Michael’s birthday and graduation party is this Saturday! everything has to be done before then! I still dont have the photos etc I have always plan to have for it done… or even started. I’m feeling really down about it.  There’s so much to do by Saturday,  and I feel so alone in it all.  It’s not how I always pictured Id be- I had so many plans for THIS party. all I can do is handle what I can get done by then and not focus on what won’t be done…

Anyway- Then It was time for the boys to come back home. And now it’s about 9:30pm, and Thomas is out cold beside me- the other 3 are still awake… I gotta start getting these guys up earlier again… 😉

So. No sewing today. One appt tomorrow. And more unpacking/clearing of the 1st floor. Hopefully some sewing.

Still need hangers!! lol


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