endless need 4 hangers…

So, I made a rather large bulk purchase for the boutique today- I’d say the most expensive clothing purchase to date: 174+ items. (This is another scary leap of faith.)
Among the lot is:
6 girls tops, 28 girls bottoms, 9 dresses/outfits, 21 boys tops, 29 bortoms, 17 sleepers/outfits, 6 “blank” tshirts for appliquing, 6 “other” baby things, 10 womens items, AND about 2 dozen items for my boys.  (& a bee costume, see below)

And the biggest issue Im finding is the major need for HANGERS. Especially baby hangers. A couple people have donated hangers, and Ive made 3 trips to walmart for hangers… but I still need hangers for nearly all the above listed items.  Once I get all this hung, I will create my inventory list.  Then, everything will need steamed… THEN I set my 1st open house day.  NEXT, I photograph everything left& create listings in my new website.

….& of course, finish building the boutique itself, making MY products, and all the daily stuff that is our lives.

OH. And Michael’s birthday/ Graduation party is this coming Saturday.  The to do list for that is insanely long.

Thomas the Bee, with his sign that reads: Bumblebeebottomsboutique.com



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